Please head over to EasyLive to bid. All lots have a starting price at which you cannot make offers below. Bidding will end at 6pm on Friday, with successful bidders informed on Saturday.


How it works

Once you've headed over to the timed auction catalogue, and have found a lot that you wish to bid for, you need to register to bid. This is found near the top of the page. Once you have registered for the auction and have clicked on the lot you wish to bid upon, you will be taken to a screen where the picture is bigger and there are more details on the lot. There will be a form on the right hand side of the screen with Max bid.
You enter the maximum hammer price you wish to pay (buyer commission will be added on top of this) and you submit your bid.
If there are other bidders on the lot the current bid will go to their last bid + one more or if your bid is not enough, your bid + one more. If you are the first bidder then the current bid will be the starting bid, usually the lower guide price.

If when the lot closes on the Friday evening, you are the highest bidder, then you have won the lot and will be contacted on the Saturday. You can place your bids at anytime up until the bidding closes.
If you place a bid within half an hour of the lot closing, 10 minutes will be added to the end time and any other bidders contacted to see if they wish to revise there bid.
We hope you enjoy the bidding process as lots are able to bid upon throughout the week. We will still be holding Live auctions every fortnight.
Many thanks,
Peebles Auction House